Beginners Guide to Planning a Bachelorette Party

Putting some thought into the planning of a bachelorette party ensures that all things go well. Event failures usually happen because of poor planning and preparation. Bachelorette parties are held around a month before the wedding. It gives the girls a chance to bond and catch up on each other’s livers as they celebrate the bride to be. If you have never planned this kind of event before, how should you go about it? Let’s look at a beginners guide to planning a bachelorette party.

Choose the Right Date

As we had mentioned earlier, this kind of party is usually held a month or a few weeks before the actual wedding day. When choosing the date, make sure that it isn’t too close to the wedding day because people get busier as the big draw draws nearer. Also, it shouldn’t be too early, so that it doesn’t lose its relevance related to the wedding.


Plan a Venue

This is another important thing that you have to keep in mind. You have several choices to choose from. You can either have the event in a club, a resort, a memorable place, or even a home. If you’ve chosen another place other than your home, call them to make reservations. Don’t think of crashing into any venue because you may find that they don’t allow parties. Contacting the venue is also vital because you’ll get to know if they offer special drinks and other needed items.

The Invitees List

Plan a list of all the girls you want to invite. Sit down and think about all the guests that would come. Sit down with the bride and know if there is any special friend who she needs to invite. When you’ve compiled a comprehensive list, it’s time now to send the invitations.


Cards are the traditional way. You can save money by inviting them over text, email, calling, or Facebook. Bachelorette parties are not usually big. They include only the bride-to-be’s closest friends. Treat this as an intimate gathering. When the date is near, confirm who’ll attend so that you could make last-minute changes to the budget.

Ask For Help From Friends

Include your friends in the planning process. For example, you can ask suggestions about event decorations. It’s best if you schedule a meeting with your friends to talk about how the event should go and the supplies needed.

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Also, you can plan the party starting time and ending time. Will there be a formal process or it’ll be a girl bonding occasion, filled with drinking, talks, and gossips? When it comes to planning, several heads are better than one, and, if you get suggestions, you’ll definitely arrive at best ideas which are fun and exciting for everyone.

Food and Entertainment

Concerning the food and drinks, ask the venue if they’ll take care of these. If you’re having the event at home, hiring a caterer is a wise choice so that you don’t get too tired. Parties can’t go without entertainment. The entertainment may be in the form of lively music. Again, ask the venue if they can handle the entertainment part. If it’ll be at home, be sure to have some music systems ready for music.

A few days before the event, confirm that everything is set. Confirm with the venue, the supplies, the invitees and any person. This will ensure that the event is a success.