5 Ways of Treating & Relieving Stress with Massage Therapy

Stress is a word we all fear. However, stress doesn’t always have to be something negative. Every time you feel a rush of excitement before an important meeting or every time you hit the brakes just in time to avoid running into a distracted driver, the stress in your body is actually doing its job and helping you out. The boost of cortisol and adrenaline caused by stress increases your heart rate, improves your reflexes and improves your brain functions. Stress that is temporary (like being stuck in traffic or getting yelled at by your boss) might not bring anything good to the table, but it’s also pretty harmless.

But, being under tremendous stress all the time can cause various mental and physical health issues. People who never get any relief from stress often report headaches, stomach issues, blood pressure problems, chest pain and insomnia. Luckily, through professional help and massage, people can easily shed some of the stress and welcome balance back into their lives.  

It relaxes both your body and mind

Most people think that stress only affects one’s mood and makes them feel anxious and depressed. However, it affects almost every part of your being! When you hold too much stress, it manifests in a form of stiffness and pain, especially in the back and neck. But, other parts of the body, from head to toe, also suffer. A relaxing massage, however, can help relieve a tense body and offer a pleasant way to de-stress.

It decreases anxiety

Regular massage is a widely used technique to treat chronic anxiety. In many cultures, people see their massage specialist on a regular basis and continue to do so their whole lives. When we look at the overwhelming body of evidence as well as anecdotal evidence, we can openly say that regular massage therapy successfully helps in anxiety reduction.

It’s especially beneficial for people who suffer from test-taking or problem-solving anxiety, but it also helps relieve work-related stress and various kinds of anxiety connected to anticipation. Aside from reducing anxiety, massage will also boost the feeling of emotional resilience and the feeling of overall wellbeing and health.

It lifts your mood

People who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety often develop depression. Because their anxiety prevents them from enjoying life to the fullest and makes it hard to cope with stress, they are put in the category of people with increased risk of developing depression. Anxiety and depression tend to manifest itself in a form of irritability, lack of motivation and focus, restlessness and sadness. But, no matter how your stress affects your mood, a professionally conducted massage can have a beneficial effect on your attitude.

Aside from exercise, it’s definitely one of the best self-help ways to improve your mental health. Plus, booking a professional massage is very easy, especially today when everything is done digitally. Just download an app, find a spa with treatments you need and book your session. It’s easy and fast, no matter how busy or clumsy with tech you are.

It helps with pain management

Chronic and acute pain is a great source of stress. It affects people’s mood, lifestyle and mobility which can all trigger anxiety and even depression. However, massage therapy can help patients with stress and pain management caused by chronic and acute issues like sports injury, soft tissue injury, joint pain and even conditions like fibromyalgia. If you combine your regular treatment prescribed by your physician with massage therapy, it can have wonderful results on symptom ease and pain reduction which can tremendously reduce stress.

Safety warning!

Most of the time, massages are perfectly safe, especially when conducted by professional massage therapists. However, people with chronic pain and those with musculoskeletal system issues might want to consult with their doctor before booking their massage session. Additionally, if you have any doubts and questions, feel free to ask your massage therapist and they will gladly inform you of the procedure and even tailor the massage according to your needs and wishes.

Even though not all forms of stress are harmful, it’s better to work on your stress relief today, than to suffer consequences tomorrow. Adding regular massages to your health routine can make you feel much more relaxed, but also allow you to look and feel happier and healthier. So, if you’re facing a hard period at work or suffering stress for personal reasons, book your massage session and feel as the stress leaves your body.