How do Makeup Subscription Boxes Work

What is a makeup subscription box? And, are these services worth signing up for? Read on to find out more.

What is a subscription box?

A few years back beauty shops and the manufacturers started shipping beauty boxes to their loyal customers. The idea was to provide customers with samples of new products before deciding whether to spend money on the full-sized product.

Currently, these boxes are trendy and high in demand. Their popularity can be attributed to their low cost and the thrill of a surprise that comes with opening something without prior knowledge of its contents.


The thing that makes makeup subscription boxes worth signing up for is the cost. Most of the time, the value of the contents of the box is way more than its cost. For instance, Boxycharm offers a monthly makeup box for only $21. According to reviews of Boxycharm, the company provides 4 or 5 products in the box whose value is about $100.

The cheapest beauty box is priced at around $10, and the most expensive does not exceed $50. You can save by prepaying several months ahead of time. Most companies allow you to prepay for three months, six months and even a whole year.


Makeup subscription boxes are delivered to your doorstep. This largely contributed to their increase their popularity around the world. Shipping cost is dependent on the service provider and your location. However, most companies that manufacture this makeup subscription boxes offer free shipping.


Ideally, a beauty box contains an assortment of 2 to 7 products from high-end product lines. The items can be samples or full-sized product depending on the company providing the box. Beauty boxes can contain makeup-only products, or a mixture of makeup and other beauty products such as skincare, fragrances, and shaving products.

subscription box

Some beauty boxes come with beauty products customized to your needs and preferences. However, most come with randomized selections to match the needs of most of their customers. Unfortunately, when it comes to makeup, there is nothing like one-size fits all. As such, a subscription box provider cannot guarantee that they will please you every time.

Subscription Period

You can choose how often to receive the beauty box. The most popular subscription period is a month. Other subscription plans include three months and six months.

Why Sign up For a Makeup Subscription Box

The main advantages of subscription boxes are cost and the chance to sample new products. After testing the contents of the box, you can decide whether to go for ahead and purchase the full-sized products or not.

Let’s compare that to visiting a store. You go on a shopping spree and pick new products that you may never use or that will end up not pleasing you. The option is to return such products to the store or accept that you spent money unnecessarily.

In short, a makeup subscription is a cheap and convenient way to get a supply of your regular products and to sample new ones.