Jewlery Trends for Men in 2018

So, you are an EXECUTIVE working for a big company and want to make a good impression. You put on the perfect suit, gold or silver watch with a nice tie bar to match. Or, maybe you are not wearing a tie. Wearing a dress shirt with the top few buttons undone is a good style for many occasions. Fashionable and chic, there is one thing that can be added to fill in any empty space.

For a long time, it had been thought that men should not wear jewelry because it was simply a “woman’s” fashion trend. However, more and more recently simple jewelry has become more and more popular among men. Especially in the business world. While some men want to show off their status and wealth, others just want to look cool.



Necklaces are normally seen as something to decorate the beautiful necks of women across the globe. However, depending on the style, these trinkets can also be the perfect addition to every man’s wardrobe. Here are a few different styles of necklaces that are beautiful and stylish enough to keep a luxurious yet masculine trend to your business attire. There is usually a very wide variety of luxury mens necklaces available on various websites.


Plain gold or silver chains are perfect to go with nice suits or semi-casual dress for work. In the past, this type of necklace has been used by gangs or rappers. Now, this type of jewelry is out of the negative spotlight and in the male fashion trends of 2018. Chains help to bring class and elegance to every businessman’s life.


Cords are another kind of necklace that can go with casual dress. Wearing leather cords weaved in a professional way can add finesse to a casual outfit if made in a choker style. Put one on with an open shirt or other natural style clothing and you will look just as fashionable as the necklace itself.

Amulets and Talismans

Amulets or talismans can be added to both chains and cords to add to any outfit. Men’s charms are bigger than the usual kind that women and girls wear on their bracelets or necklaces. They can be religious or cultural. The theme does not matter. Amulets can add charisma and culture to your outfit and create the perfect talking piece for any social situation.


When some thinks of beads, one usually envisions young girls or teens crafting beaded necklaces and friendship bracelets. However, in today’s society more and more people, men and women, have begun wearing jewelry with beads. For men, they are usually black or very dark colored beads covering the entire length of the necklace or in certain parts of the necklace stuck in their place. These can add to a talisman or amulet as well to add a beautiful tribal look.


Necklaces are a simple, yet perfect way to dress up any outfit. They are no longer strictly for women and are designed much differently for men. They are simple in design and can draw in conversation adding to the natural charisma that you strive for. There are various knock-off brands out there with low quality. If you find the right one at the right price, your wardrobe will thank you.