5 Awesome Nike Shoe Designs in 2018

Nike is an American multinational company that develops, manufactures, markets, and sells footwear. Every year, Nike is always on the limelight and they never fail to amaze as long as the release of stylish, colorful, high-quality and exquisite shoes is concerned. 2018 is almost over and it’s the most appropriate time to assess some of the best shoes Nike had to offer.

If you’ve not yet bought your favorite footwear this year, you still have time and if you’re not sure which design to go for, here is a list of five awesome Nike shoe design to look for.

1. Nike Air Foamposite Pro

Nike Air Foamposite Pro is undeniably one of the best Nike designs we have around and for your information, its unique design was inspired by a beetle insect. Even though the shoe is expensive, its comfort, aesthetics, popularity, and quality are worth your money. The shoe fits excellently and its colorways are just top-notch.


In addition, Nike Air Foamposite Pro has an exceptional stylish which attracts many people especially those concerned with class and if you want to be the center of focus, buy this shoe before 2018 ends and you’ll be glad you read this article. Whether looking for something to wear in casual wear or on the basketball court, Nike Air Foamposite Pro will never disappoint you.

2. Nike Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid

Nike Air Force 1 UltraForce Mid is definitely one of the best nike shoe designs you can ever find. The shoe is light and brings the comfort everyone would want to experience on their feet. It is also flexible and the best part of it is that it blends excellently with any outfit.

It comes with at least five colorways giving you different options to choose from depending on your color preferences and what you’d want to wear it with. It is well-crafted and fits your feet just the way you’d want. It is durable and will definitely give you value for your money.

3. Nike Manoadome

If you’ve been looking for a versatile shoe without any lead, your search ends here because the Nike Manoadome is what you want. The Nike Manoadome comes in a silhouette’s design which makes people not to take their eyes away from you.


Besides being attractive, this shoe is durable hence perfect for anyone living in areas with harsh weathers. Interestingly, it comes with a topmost cushion and a leather wrap that provides the comfort you deserve. The shoe is also light and perfect to buy before 2018 ends.

4. Nike Moon Racer

The Nike Moon Racer is definitely an apple to many people’s eyes and if you want everybody to stop by and put a smile on their faces as they look at your feet, but one before 2018 ends. The shoe comes with a satisfying performance and aesthetic but it’s the ultra-narrow design that carries the day.

Interestingly, the shoe boasts well-known React technology that provides outstanding comfort and cushioning. The shoe fits true to the size and has a nylon mesh on the upper side for breathability and it’s definitely a great catch.

5. Nike SB Bruin Premium SE

Nike SB Bruin Premium SE is distinguished by its prime and vintage design that makes the shoe stunning. It is made of high-quality material that provides the durability and comfort you could be looking for in a shoe. Besides being classy, the shoe is flexible making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a skating shoe.


It’s eye-catching and don’t be surprised if different people stop you to ask where you bought it from. Interestingly, it comes with different colorways making it easier for you to make the best choice depending on the outfit you’d want to match it with. The shoe is also light and a great catch to look for before 2018 ends.

Bottom line

Shoes are definitely one of the things you wouldn’t like to buy every week and when doing your shopping, you want something that will give you great services for a long time. Nike is a reputable company and buying one of their best-designed shoes will make you happy and satisfied. If you don’t have an idea of which design to buy, the above list will help narrow down your choices depending on your preferences.