The Most Popular And Inspiring Ring Trends 2019

Rings are a type of jewelry that is handled with a lot of special and loving meaning. This is because they are mainly used on occasions such as engagement and wedding. It is a gift to a loved one that shows how much you value the bond the two of you share.

In the 2019 fashion trends, rings have not been left behind. Some rings are making their debut while there are those rings that have remained consistent from year to year in the ring fashion industry. Below we discuss the most popular and inspiring ring trend in 2019.

The Most Popular And Inspiring Ring Trends 2019.

1.Solitaire setting.

The solitaire ring setting is among the most popular ring brand that always goes well for brides. The ring is made of only a single focal stone. They are also customizable. You can have your designer swap the band with a thinner version of it to give it the modern feeling. Nothing can go wrong with the solitaire setting ring; it has been trending year after year.

3.Minimalist bands.

2.Colored stones.

Colored stones are the ideal type of ring to use in 2019. Princess Diana is believed to be the first lady to have the colored stones on her finger before Kate Middleton also followed suit. The ring carries a lot of class and royalty making it the ideal ring to buy for your wedding or engagement. You can have your colored stones ring made from any type of shades; from red, peach, black and black. The dominant material in the colored stones is pure diamond.

3.Minimalist bands.

For those who do not love the thick bands, in 2019, the popular minimalist bands are here. Currently, they are trending from 2018. The minimalist band is also very suitable for those who do not love wearing jewelry because of their simple look. With a good designer, you can have your ring that has been paired from all beautiful stones.


4.East-West setting.

Remember the north-south setting rings that were very popular?2019 sees the introduction of the east-west setting ring where the stone lies horizontally unlike the north-south setting where the stone was vertical. The stone crosses over the finger.This new design in the ring makes it look cool and gives it a modern feel which makes designers predict that the east-west setting ring might rock even in 2020.


Do you love customizing things o your taste? Custom rings are still popular and inspiring in 2019. You can create a concept with your designer and have them create for you a custom ring for your engagement. For custom rings, you put everything into consideration from your partners taste to the cost. Have something that you actually imagined created for you in 2019 by your designer.

The above are just some of the ring trends in 2019 that you should consider for your special day. Let your spouse feel the love and with a popular and inspiring ring ;its a worthwhile gift for them.