5 Tips for Wearing Bracelets on Both Wrists

Bracelets provide a great way to flavor your outfits. However, wearing the bracelets on both wrists may seem like an impossible idea. It is absolutely possible. Many women out there wear bracelets on both wrists and looks stunning with them.

There are many different bracelets to fit any occasion. Why should you miss a chance not to wear them? This article goes through some top best tips for wearing bracelets on both wrists.

1. Avoid the Extra Jewelry

You should back off wearing many other pieces of jewelry if you are planning on wearing bracelets on both wrists. By wearing extra jewelry alongside the bracelets, it makes you draw excess attention and gives you an over-accessorized look.


If you want to wear lots of bracelets on both wrists, you don’t need to load yourself with other jewelry. Simple earrings are just perfect. However, you can use a few pieces of jewelry if you will only wear a few bracelets.

2. Avoid Mixing Metal Jewelry

Matching and mixing jewelry is great but does not include metals. You are supposed to be very cautious in mixing various metal jewelry on both wrists. For example, sterling silver rose gold and platinum are well-looking jewelry but do not perfectly compliment each other.

You should hence avoid wearing them together unless they have the same bangle style. Rather than wearing metal jewelry of different types, you can complement one metal type such as beads, pearls, and coral. The buy handmade native american jewelry from Pink Camel Boutique to complement your metal jewelry for wearing on both wrists.

3. Match Your Outfit

Bracelets that match your outfits gives you a classic look. Try and select colors that go in hand with what you are wearing.

It doesn’t have to be solid outfit colors. Choose outfits that have bits of colors that match your bracelets. Nevertheless, solid colors can also work fine.

4. Select A Focal Point

When wearing bracelets on both wrists, you need to choose one bracelet that stands out from the rest. The focal point can be one more significant bracelet piece and a mix of other thinner bracelets. You can also wear dull color bracelets together with one brightly colored bracelet. By making one bracelet unique from the rest, you are directing viewers to where you want their eyes to be.

5. Mix and Match Your Jewelry

Bracelets come in a wide range of sizes, colors, widths, and styles. When wearing bracelets on both hands, don’t be shy about mixing and matching them.


You just have to ensure that the bracelets you choose complement each other. Otherwise, a ton of bracelets that don’t match will be messy.


While some people don’t see it right to wear bracelets on both wrists, we recommend that you give it a go. It is true that it can be overdone, but it also enhances your looks greatly when dome in the right way. You can even wear twenty thin bracelets at a go and stand out. The main thing here is doing it correctly. Make use of these tips to keep rocking with your bracelets at any place.