Are photoshop overlays worth buying?

Overlays in photography refers to a texture or image that is added to your photography as an additional layer by use of an editing program. This is often carried out in photoshop. In the past, photographers used to scratch negatives with sandpapers and pin, overexposing and staining the paper to achieve image effects. Today, digital photography has made everything easier.

Overlays are quickly dragged and placed on an image then adjusted using opacity and blending modes for several effects in photoshop. This article exclusively goes through whether it is worth for you to buy overlays.

What Can Overlays Do to Your Photo?

One of the main reasons why photographers use overlays is to add elements and textures that did not exist in the picture as it was being shot. This means that an extra layer is added in the post-production or editing process. This is all aimed at improving the look of the image.


The photo is dramatically enhanced using these overlays layers and texture. There are overlays for every theme that you may think about. Be it creating a fanciful autumn falling leaves effect, a fabulous fog effect or a pyxie garden; all the overlays are available. To achieve these appealing effects, it is worthy to spend your money to purchase them.

What Overlays Are Available?

According to the type of photography that you do such as portraits, landscapes, astronomy or action, it determines what you are looking for in the style of photography. This makes some of the overlays useful to your photography while some may not be useful. A better query for you is to ask yourself the overlays available to help produce specific photography effects. After that, you will check and decide if they are worth your money.

By purchasing an entire collection of overlays, you will be able to capture all your red-hot photos and harmonize any editing need.

Free Vs. Charged Overlays

There are a lot of available free overlays on the internet. All you need to do is downloading and installing them. However, purchasing photoshop overlays comes with the hottest photography bundle deal. This is especially useful to professional photographers who need to amaze their clients like never before. They come with quality and professional effects package that is on a higher level as compared to the free overlays.


With a simple click, you will be able o transform your photos to stunning displays. Most of all, most of the overlay’s deals are cheap and affordable. You will have access to thousands of creative effects that you will ever want and need. Additionally, buying overlays enable you to share the edited photos with friends and keep you updated on any new developments.


Regardless of your photography style, there are plenty of overlays for each possible look you want to achieve. These include sun flares, flowers, sky overlays, facial hair, bokeh lights, falling snow, and others. Overlays can enhance an otherwise uninspiring photograph to look stunning. Though there are free overlays, they are certainly worth the buy. Purchase an overlay package and use it for the photography of your life or on yourself all way long.