Where to Buy Vintage Designer Clothes

If you love everything about vintage clothing, it is time you don’t waste all your income purchasing expensive clothing. You can still look costly from vintage designs. One thing I love about designer clothes is that they are unique. It is hard you put on awesome apparel and find then find it everywhere. With Vintage clothes, you trend your style.

You can never go wrong with vintage designer clothing. They help you reclaim your youthful looks as you rock in apparel that is classy, yet affordable. There are plenty of places you can buy the designer clothes online.

Hence you do not have to board a plane to make purchases. You can order your clothes from the comfort of your home, and you will have them delivered at your doorstep. Some of these places are;

1. Vestiaire Collection

It is a renown online shop hosting a variety of designer clothes. Vestiaire is your one-stop shop. They have bot kids, menswear and women outfits ready. It is a guarantee that clothing from this place is from a respectable closet.


Vestiaire is proud to have built a remarkable reputation for serving a fashion community of about four million shoppers. Their site is friendly, and they have customized it to reach out to their esteemed customers once new items have arrived. You can expect to find something new every week.

2. Hewi London

It packs new or hardly worn apparel and items. Hewi helps you to find fashionable clothes which you can use for any occasion, or even casual. If you like to dress to kill, Hewi is your ideal place to find your trendy clothes and items that compliment your looks.

As a buyer, you either place your orders or, you buy it now. They receive clothing from sellers who want their clothes sold then they can receive their payment later.

3. Rewind Vintage

You can finally dress to the nines with Rewind Vintage. They stock a variety of clothing which is both classy and trendy. From their looks, you can tell that the items were invaluable to the users.


Their stocks come from highly revered fashionistas such as the Chanel. If you are tired some clothing from your closet, you can create some space and sell at Rewind. Also, if you want something unique you can find it here at Rewind Vintage.

4. Poshmark

It stocks kids, men and women apparels, bags and other accessories. For a fashion victim, Poshmark is you all time shop. They have an app that you can use to make an order or sell your items. It boasts of millions of fashionistas and sellers and buyers. With Poshmark, you remain connected to get the best shopping experience. You pocket a present once you buy more than two items from the same seller.

5. Beyond Retro

Do you want to go retro yet looking classy and expensive? Look no more than Beyond. The options here are unlimited. Beyond has done it all to reclaim vintage for an eco-friendly venture. You want to kill with the 1970s dressing codes, and you will have it here. Their collection is purely vintage. Hence if you are on the hunt for a timeless look, you have at Beyond Retro.